Ultimate accessibility through mixed use planning

The Old Bank District is more than just a network of loft complexes – it's a neighborhood, and a good neighborhood has got the best eats, spots, and goods for the locals. When we built the Old Bank District, we handpicked these fine establishments to join our community.

Coffee, Lunch, & Dinner

Coffee, Lunch, and Dinner


A refreshing twist to the classic Parisian brasserie with influences of American regional cooking. Start the day with brioche french toast in the morning, have their famed chiffonade salad for lunch, and finish with the most perfect pork chop for dinner. Ledlow knows how to pack a punch.

Music Venue

Music Venue

The Regent Theater

A host to concerts, themed dance nights, theater, and screenings of movies and presidential debates! You can catch a show at The Regent, get a gourmet pizza from Prufrock Pizzeria, and grab a strong drink at The Love Song Bar. A recipe for the best night ever.

Cupcake shop

Big Man Bakes

The most delicious, moist cupcakes founded by the sweetest couple and run by the friendliest staff with the mission to make your day 100% better, guaranteed.